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My project for tonight! ^o^

I’m so friggin excited ahhhhhh


Just wondering where day 11 & 12 of "12 days of Ererimas" is because I can't seem to find it and it's so good I really want to finish it

;-; I’ve been found out noooo

Truth is, Opulence and I unfortunately never got around to finishing days 11 and 12. We went from posting once a day to every other day and then near the end of December, the whole Ereri spam fiasco hit and we decided to go on hiatus until that calmed down. That led us through the beginning of January and honestly, it just fell off of our radar >_<

We were thinking about continuing the project a couple of months ago but she was busy with school and I was slammed with exams. Real life hits hard, it’s scary. But I’m so so glad that you enjoyed days 1-10 and your message really touched our hearts ♥ If people are interested, we’re definitely still up for finishing the project!


進撃ログまとめ⑥【腐向け】 by 佐野
Shingeki Log Wrap Up 6

My heart is about to burst.

a choice with no regrets | Chapter 5: Heart



Translated by me

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Anonymous ━

Have you ever drew chibis? If so, can you show us?

I actually haven’t :3 I’m not entirely sure why I never took a stab at it, but a lot of chibi styles are cute and I wouldn’t mind trying someday!

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Alternate SNK volume 13 manga cover

Manga Levi (別冊少年magazine) & Anime Levi(周刊少年magazine) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!