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our ends are beginnings


This has probably got to be my favorite Hiccstrid gif ever. I mean, just look at how they’re looking at each other. How they never take their eyes off each other the whole time. How Hiccup holds on to Astrid’s hand for a little bit before letting go. You can literally see how in love they are, and they don’t even have to say anything. That’s what’s so great about Hiccstrid in HTTYD 2 - it’s not overdone, it’s not forced. It’s just there. This gif is total proof of that. And I don’t know about you, but I think that’s freaking beautiful.


hi new followers and ghouls.. heh.. you guys are the best ..

anyway now that preorders are over I can post my submission “The Last Titan” for the SnK artbook I was in. I’ll be selling the Operation Requiem artbooks at AX! (you can also get them at feyuca and yuumei’s tables), and for any artists in the book you may also pick up your copy from me at I35.



Boy with the dragon tattoo

I’d LOVE that!


Please do not remove source.


Lips bitting, it will run in the family.